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I am very interested in your outlook on Urban Tribes as a chosen family, but wonder if you are going to look at the progression of this past marriage and the birth of children. Although you do mention the existance of some married couples as part of tribes, and the idea of tribe members as "godparents", you seem to suggest that, for the most part, the tribe is left behind once children are part of the picture. For my friends, children are integrated into the group as they arrive and some level of "co-parenting" becomes part of the group dynamic. My husband and I have two roomates and a two year old at the moment. Our daughter's relationship with her "Aunts and Uncles", both those living with us and those that we see regularly, is an important part of her life. Her live-in Aunt (who is not biologically related) gets Mothers Day cards, sends her to the corner for bad behaviour, and takes her to swim class as much as I do. We are also looking at moving to a farm property with another couple with plans for a child sometime in the next couple of years - this would make five or six adults and two children living together and sharing a family. Not only would we find it nearly impossible to afford the kind of place we would like to share with them on our own, having these people share in our lives is important to all of us, and it will mean a sibling relationship for kids that would otherwise be an "only child". While our birth families still have a place in our lives, distance, lifestyle choices, and interests make the kind of experiences we share with our chosen families something we could not share with our birth families.


fascinating blog/post, really hit(s) home- thanks!!!


What do you think about the Urban tribes of maquiamelo, is art or is just polemic and marketing like Damien Hirst works.


Maquiamelo is the best in to represent urban tribes by art, every culture has a tsantsa representation.

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Took me time to read all the comments, but I enjoyed the article.

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